Visit Tracker

Webinar: Visit Tracker Overview 11/11/2016

Admin Setup
  • Update Current Year Start Date to 9/1/2016
  • Update Packet Timeline - packet 1 does not need to equal program start date.  
Add'l Admins
  • Add any administrators or data entry personnel to this section
  • NOTE: Read-only admins are not counted in total users when billing is set up. Admins that can enter data count toward your total users. You can also create one account to shave shared between 2 or more people
  • Review all items that are set to show or not show
  • Child Fields to Display
    • Show Childcare and Child Education tracking
  • Demographic Fields
    • Show MIECHV tracking elements
Site/Fund Codes (site/fund code tutorial)
  • New codes will be sent to each site with further instructions. Waiting on THV to send new codes.
Home Visitors
New home visitors - Coordinator with Main Admin set up can add new home visitors at any point.
Home visitors not returning - be sure to put an End Date when employment ceased and Disable.

AmeriCorps Members
(timesheet tutorial)
(add a member)
Information entered into Visit Tracker must match the enrollment documents.
Returning FamiliesUse the HIPPY Application (on Program Implementation page) to collect the necessary information needed to update each family.
  • DO NOT change enrollment dates
  • DO update the Family Participation Agreement date as noted on the form
Returning ChildrenBE sure to update the Curriculum Year
New FamiliesUse the HIPPY Application (on Program Implementation page) to collect the necessary information needed for each family.
  • NOTE: Due to changes in THV required data collection and the timing for data entry in Visit Tracker, new families will be given an enrollment of 10/1 or after.
  • Family Participation Agreement (on the Guardian Data page) needs to be dated according to when the parent signs the IRB form
  • Family Participation Agreement needs to be updated each year
THV (HHSC) Consent
  • If the guardian has signed the THV (HHSC) consent form, assign the appropriate Site/Fund Code to the guardian AND mark the child as MIECHV Target Child. 
BrackenThe Bracken can be recorded for each child under Guardian Assessments.
  • Select the child in which the Bracken applies.
  • Record the PRE as Initial and the POST as Closure.
  • Only record the final attempt for each. No more than 2 attempts.
Parent Involvement InterviewIndividual answers are recorded on the HIPPYUSA PII in the Guardian > Assessments section. Be sure to appropriately label Pre/Post.
Protective Factors Survey
(Parent Survey)
Recorded in Guardian > Assessments section.
Pre PFS is recorded as Initial. Post = Closure
PICCOLOComing soon....
Edinburgh Depression ScreeningComing soon...
ASQ-3 & ASQ-SECan be recorded directly from the Home Visit Record or under Children; Screenings section.
Record ASQ-3 & ASQ-SE results separately even if done at one time.
Any Delays/Concerns need to have a recorded Referral entered at the bottom of the screening page

Domestic Violence ScreeningComing soon...
ReferralsComing soon...


DashboardComing soon...
Overview of reportsComing soon...