Don't forget your sign-in sheet and evaluation form to document each training!

HIPPY USA Accreditation requires "comprehensive pre-service orientation and 15 hours of annual training" as documented with a sign in sheet (keep Agenda too, especially for the Preservice Orientation of your Home Instructors).

The resources below will meet these requirements.

  • HIPPY Orientation - Required for HUSA accreditation - materials are found in the HIPPY USA Library. Document with a sign in sheet and keep the Agenda! 
  • AmeriCorps Orientation - for AmeriCorps members only - PowerPoint with activities/notes  
  • IRB - use Evaluation Overview PowerPoint to IRB training materials, located in Evaluation section.
  • CPS Training for Education Professionals click here
  • Home Visitor Safety training is required for both MIECHV and AmeriCorps. Resource materials have been provided by HHSC. Use this powerpoint - also a good idea to invite local law enforcement or other safety resource to speak to your home visitors. 
EVALUATION: See Evaluation page
  • Home Visitor Knowledge and Skills - Intro to Child Development and Read Aloud Skills - this powerpoint provides basic information that was formerly assessed with the Home Visitor Knowledge and Skills profile that HUSA used. 
  • Props - guidelines and requirements for props and substitutions, via powerpoint
  • Age 5 Curriculum - Read, Talk and Play Guided Discussion powerpoint and handout
PROGRAM FIDELITY: Sites will be visited and provided the support needed to ensure implementation fidelity. This includes visits from Texas HIPPY staff, HIPPY USA National Trainers and the opportunity for Peer Exchanges. See Program Implementation tab and link above for details.

TRAINING MATERIALS - Materials below are to be used by coordinators to conduct in person training with the home instructors. Each module includes complete instructions for warm ups, activities and has handouts and talking points for the coordinator.

Parent Involvement
Home Instructor Education & Leadership

GROUP MEETING KITS: Materials below are presentation kits to be used as an option for group meetings. Each kit consists of separate activities for parents and children as well as a take home activity for families. The presentation kits can be used as an accompaniment to a speaker or as a stand alone presentation. Feel free to adapt the presentation for your community. We recommend utilizing the presentation kits with your home instructors to gain familiarity with the activities.

KIT 1: Safety - Helping Hands
: A Focus on Domestic Violence

KIT 2: Communication - 5 Love Languages for Parents and Children
KIT 3: Environmental Awareness - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Refuse!
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