NEW 2019-2020
  • Coordinators are required to complete NSCHC Training, and scan this certificate to Texas HIPPY who will keep it in the site file. New coordinators follow this Link to get started and to opt-in to the system, token code CNCS-Litmos. Returning coordinators who have completed the training in the past follow this Link to log in with your exhisting credentials. You can also find more information on Litmos on the Knowledge Network.
  • Making reasonable accommodation information powerpoint - Coordinators, please review so you understand the purpose and process of making reasonable accommodations.
  • Member enrollment process powerpoint - very important information on new process and timeline for member enrollment.
  • In addition to training and support, site visits will focus on ensuring compliance to new and existing requirements, using this AmeriCorps Site Visit Checklist. It's recommended to use this document as a self assessment to prepare for a site visit and place backup documentation in the provided compliance binder.
  • All sites must use this Member Position Description to create your postings for AmeriCorps members, and must use a different one for non-AmeriCorps home visitors.
  • Late 17-18 we received clarification from OneStar stating that AmeriCorps members are not eligible for unemployment benefits because they are not "employees" as such. Two back up documents were provided, one from the Department of Labor, and the other from the Texas Workforce Commission.
  • Follow these guidelines for member enrollment and exit.

All sites will be assigned an Enrollment basecamp project to monitor progress of filling slots, completion of paperwork and eGrants enrollment.

Member Application

Prior Term Eligibility
Before MSA Start Date
(all members)

Before MSA Start Date
(all members)  
Must be completed by member and signed before background checks are initiated.

Must be completed by coordinator OR previous AmeriCorps program supervisor.

Coordinator Verifications

Before MSA Start Date
(all members)
Must be completed by coordinator. All required background checks are listed on this form. This form must be complete before Member Start Date.

Member Service Agreement (MSA)Done in coordination with Texas HIPPY
(all members)
Background checks are complete, member is deemed eligible, and form is signed and dated.

eGrants EnrollmentWithin 7 days of MSA 
Start Date
Audit files have been completed and paperwork is verified as complete and correct.

Enrollment Finalized

Time Sheets (tutorial)
All Members Enrolled

Member & Coordinator

Upload each member's enrollment paperwork to your Basecamp project. Scan files separately and in order (Member File Checklist). All slots are filled. All paperwork is complete. All members have an MSA.  All members are enrolled in eGrants and Visit Tracker by the State Office. Audit files complete.

On-going. Each Month

Mid Year EvaluationCoordinator & MemberBy Week 15



Change of Status Form 

End Year Evaluation



Coordinator & Member
Use checklist to Exit, Suspend or Rreactivate a member.  Must accompany exit paperwork for exits, early exits, suspension and reactivation).

Use to document any prolonged break in service hours (illness, injury, etc). Must accompany exit paperwork for early exits.

On Member End Date
eGrants/ Exit FormCoordinator Within 20 days of MSA End Date - Member's access to education award
myamericorps tutorial
  • All background checks will be conducted at the State Office
  • Member Exit Survey will be unlocked in eGrants 2 weeks prior to end of term date. 
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