A+ Project Goals

  1. A+HIPPY Home Visitors will receive training in evidence-based parent training practices. 
  2. 80 families with children with ASD will participate in the A+HIPPY program. 
  3. 80 families of children with autism will receive parent training using the A+HIPPY curriculum. Home visits will be provided for up to 30 weeks per academic year to deliver the A+HIPPY curriculum utilizing didactic instruction, role play, coaching, and feedback. Home visitors will complete the A+HIPPY Weekly Planner with families during home visits.
  4. Families will implement evidence-based naturalistic interventions strategies to enhance their child’s social engagement, language, imitation,  and play skills. The Weekly Planner will be used to track the parent’s completion of activities including time spent on the activities, and the specific learning strategies used.  
  5. 80 parents and children will be assessed to measure the effectiveness of the A+HIPPY program, and this information will be input into VT.

Recruiting and Enrollment

Community Calls

Fall 2019-Spring 2020 (Thursdays @9am)