Statewide Adaptations 2017

(adaptation forms will be updated when signed by HUSA)

Accreditation Documentation and MIECHV Data Map
Home Visits 1 – Home visitors meet with parents in their homes at least 90% of the time - NOTE, while these are approved HIPPY adaptations, MIECHV will not accept these families in your count of families served as they are not served in home visits. 
  • YR3 RTP only Adaptation - Delivery of YR3/Age 5 of the HIPPY curriculum Read Talk and Play only to parents in a group setting on a monthly basis (no role play packets and no home visits). Signed adaptation FORM.
Home Visits 2—Home visits last 30 to 60 minutes
  • Adaptation—Home Visits Vary in Length. Signed adaptation FORM
Administration 5—Home visitors are assigned appropriate caseload of children
  • While not an adaptation, trainers should note that the caseload formula for MIECHV funded sites is here.
Administration 8—Data collection system
  • Texas HIPPY sites use Visit Tracker, here is our ETO Waiver
Administration 11—Eighty percent (80%) of enrolled children complete at least 26 weeks annually
  • YR1 Open Enrollment may impact program completion rates. Signed adaptation FORM.
  • Children on the Autism spectrum, served within the A+HIPPY pilot may take up to 3 years to complete the YR1 curriculum. Signed adaptation FORM.  
Administration 12—Program reports Parent and Child outcomes
Site Wide Accreditation - while not an adaptation to the HIPPY model, this is an adaptation to how HIPPY Accreditation is handled. A Site Wide Accreditation visit means that a multi-coordinator site is accredited as one, not per coordinator. 

The accreditation documents include ETO reports as documentation - please use this chart to identify VT reports to substitute for ETO. 

Coordinators, please print and sign your adaptation form(s) and put in your accreditation binder as needed, (if your site implements the adaptation).