2017 Backoffice Updated

The Program Implementation tab is fully updated. In it you will find all the revised forms, including Family Application, Implementation Timeline, Consent Forms, Assessments.

Take some time to do the following:
  1. Review all forms and incorporate them into your Home Visitor Orientations coming up
  2. Download the Implementation Timeline and put in YOUR site dates for home visits Packet 1 and Packet 30 in the yellow cells - use this to ensure your calendar for the year meets requirements
  3. Make family files - with the new Family file checklist form, tailored to your funding sources 
  4. Have an awesome and organized year!
The AmeriCorps tab is also updated - there are 2 new forms marked in red - we will review that in our first quarterly call August 30th at 1pm (mandatory for all coordinators).  

The Evaluation tab has all the training materials (all the assessments themselves are located in Implementation tab)

The Visit Tracker tab has the new (yay!) VT Manual, organized by VT tab - we recommend you use the online version as that will be kept current.

The Training tab is substantially the same - with Civic Reflections being added.

The Resources tab has updated fiscal information.

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