I've had some questions and situations arise recently that got me thinking on how we record consents in Visit Tracker. The main situation that has come up is a parent signing one consent but not the other. So without covering the current instructions which appear on the family application next to Participation Agreement, I want to share new instructions on documenting consents.

Please make sure you cover this with your home visitors ASAP.

  • If a family signs the IRB, then enter the date they signed the IRB into Visit Tracker as the Family Participation Agreement
  • If parent refuses to sign, no date is to be entered.
  • The participation agreement should be updated each year 
  • Anyone with a Participation Agreement date for the current year will be included in TX HIPPY's annual evaluation reporting
  • If a family signs the HHSC consent form, then they are assigned the Site/Fund Code designated by HHSC. A mark the child(ren) as MIECHV Target Child.
  • If the family refuses, then no Site/Fund Code should be selected and do not mark the child as MIECHV Target child.
  • Any family & child with the Site/Fund Code assigned by HHSC, will be included in the data that is sent to HHSC throughout the year.
The Family Application will be updated with the information. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.