Texas HIPPY Online Systems

Here is a brief explanation of the online systems that make up the Texas HIPPY Program. Please note that the TX HIPPY Program is made up of each Site, the State Office and the UNT Evaluation team.

  • Resource / Reference
  • Purpose: To provide the TX HIPPY sites with the latest forms, information and resources to assist in the implementation and organization of the HIPPY program
  • It is required for all coordinators to "follow by email" by entering email address at bottom left of home page of Backoffice. This will ensure everyone gets an email reminder to check the Backoffice when information is updated. 
  • Communications
  • Purpose: To provide the TX HIPPY Program (sites, state, evaluation team) the ability to communicate and share information with anyone and everyone in the state. All communication - discussions, file sharing, to-do requests - is "housed" in Basecamp so that it can be easily referred to any time during the program year.
  • It is required for all coordinators to be enrolled in Basecamp. While Basecamp can be set to send emails whenever things are posted, the system is much more effective when viewed online than via email. 
VISIT TRACKER (https://visittrackerweb.com/) 
  • Data Management & Reporting
  • Purpose: To provide "real time" data for reporting and program progress, including AmeriCorps enrollment and time tracking. 
  • It is required for all sites to be subscribed to Visit Tracker. The State Office pays for subscriptions and manages reports to HIPPY USA (except for a few items not collected by VT). Data must be updated weekly on the VT system, see Implementation Timeline for full details.