Parent Meeting Form, Additional Training

Parent Meeting Sign In - while you probably already have a sign in sheet for your parent meetings, it is recommended that you start using this form. It's designed so that each home instructor gets their own sign in for their parents. Other items have been added to support accreditation, such as HIPPY Coordinator sign in, reminder to attach agenda, HIPPY Supervisor sign in (if applicable), and information that goes into ETO. This form is found in the Implementation tab under "Ongoing".

Family Application Form - the Spanish version of this is now on the backoffice, next to the English one. The English version has also undergone a minor revision (we are not collecting whether a parent is TANF elegible) and has been re-uploaded. You don't need to make all new copies as this is a small revision, just letting you know fyi. 

A new training/assessment module has been uploaded to Blackboard - the Home Visitor Knowledge and Skills Profile. It's for home instructors in their second year or beyond. As you plan and deliver your beginning of year orientations for your home visitors please review the required training with them, these are all outlined under the training tab. 

Our Site Visit Plan is complete for the year and everyone has been given their HIPPY USA trainer assignments - via email/basecamp. Please schedule your visit as soon as possible and let us know details including dates as well as exit conference times. Ensure you use the documents and resources we shared at Retreat to help you set up your files and systems so you are site visit ready!

Coming soon: Be on the lookout for updates coming from Keshia. We have set dates for all events, training and webinars. The first webinar/conference call will be on use of Blackboard. This resource has been updated by UNT and has new features, as well as the ability for you to view your home visitor's scores on the various assessments. 

Reminder: as you are setting up files for 13-14, please use the correct and updated forms found here on the backoffice. Use the checklists provided for family files and AmeriCorps member files to help you keep track of everything. And, use the Accreditation Guide to help you set up all your other files.