Updated Assessments and Evaluation Training Materials

Corrected Assessments
  • HIPPY Parent Survey in Spanish (formerly, questions 8,9,11,12 in Spanish were NOT the same as the English version)
  • Parent Involvement Interview in English and Spanish (formerly HUSA version named HIPPY Parent Questionnaire without TX logo and format, questions remain substantially the same)
Evaluation Training Materials
  • Evaluation Overview (Texas HIPPY Research and Evaluation) powerpoint, covers:
    • Application
    • Consent
    • HIPPY Parent Survey
    • Parent Involvement Interview
    • Exit
  • Bracken School Readiness Assessment powerpoint
  • Parent Involvement Interview powerpoint (same as what's in the overview but stand alone)
Coming Soon
  • Audio Added to Evaluation training powerpoints!
  • ASQ3/SE powerpoint